About Us

Healing Temples is founded by : SANGEETA GUPTA 


Healing Temples is one of it’s kind and offers different courses and services for mental and spiritual upliftment . It is a proven and novel emotionally supportive system for its students to help them in their mental and intellectual growth and to enhance their capabilities, through different programs to suit their individual need.

The school conducts different workshops for Corporate clients and individuals where one to one supervision and direction is available for resolving personal and Corporate issues to money, work, relationships, success, stress, profession, self-confindence, fearlessness etc. Each person is given the best support and advice in dealing with problems successfully by by using various techniques like Past Life Regression, Guided Meditation, Reiki, Hypnotherapy, Visualization, NLP etc., so that one experiences a quantum leap in ones consciousness and outer expression.

This temple is a vision of Law of Attraction and Money Mantra, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Spiritual Trainer Ms. Sangeeta Gupta who has been into heading, self transformation and meditation for more than two decades. Hundreds of healers and scores of educators have been trained under her guidance. She has been a pioneer who has taken Reiki to Agra, Rajasthan, Kathmandu, Meerut, Kerala, Patna and Ludhiana. She leads workshops and courses for Corporates, such as, Airport Authority of India, Relaxo Footwear, Life Positive and many more. These courses are for people who need to change their lives from ordinary to the extraordinary.


Working in the field of Self Development over the last 25 years. Trained Extensively in the Methodology of Natural Healing – Personal Development & Training.

 Ms. Sangeeta Gupta (Law of Attraction and Money Mantra Coach)

Address : Healing Temples , D 175, Phase 1, Ashok Vihar, Delhi 110052

Phone Number : +91 9811-142-249